The Social Democratic Party,
Troels Ravn, Socialdemokratiet - Fotograf Steen Brogaard

Troels Ravn

Member of the Folketing, The Social Democratic Party

Primary school principal

Dalgårdsvej 124
6600 Vejen

Phone in the Folketing:
+45 3337 4021

Troels Ravn, born August 2nd 1961 in Bryrup, son of insurance agent Svend Ravn and housewife Anne Lise Ravn. Married to Gitte Heise Ravn.

Member period
Member of the Folketing for The Social Democratic Party in South Jutland greater constituency from January 12th 2016.

Parliamentary career
Spokesman on cultural affairs, media 2014-2015 and children and education 2011-2014. Chairman of the Social Affairs Committee from 2015 and chairman of the Immigration and Integration Affairs Committee 2013-2015. Member of the Children's and Education Committee, of the Cultural Affairs Committee, of the Gender Equality Committee and of the Rural Districts and Islands Committee 2011-2015. Chairman of the South Schleswig Committee 2014-2015. Supervisor of the Library of the Danish Parliament 2011-2015.

Member of the town council in Vejle Municipality 2002-2005, and again 2010-2011, chairman of the health committee and the cultural affairs and recreation committee.

Current committees

Member of
The Domestic, Social Affairs and Children's Committee

Member of
THE OSCE Parliamentary Assembly

Member of
The Gender Equality Committee
The Rural Districts and Islands Committee

Member of
The Board of the Danish Inter-Parliamentary Group

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