The Union for Mediterranean - Parliamentary Assembly



The Union for the Mediterranean – Parliamentary Assembly (UfM-PA) was established in December 2003 (although under a different name) as a forum for co-operation between Parliaments in the EU Member States and non-EU Mediterranean countries. The UfM-PA co-operation constitutes the parliamentary counterpart of the governmental co-operation in the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM). The UfM-PA discusses matters of current interest to the region, adopts resolutions (which are not legally binding) and submits recommendations to the UfM.

The UfM-PA consists of an Assembly and five permanent committees: 

  • the Political Committee
  • the Economic Committee
  • the Culture Committee 
  • the Women Committee 
  • the Committee on Environment, Energy and Water 

The Assembly convenes for an annual parliamentary session, which usually takes place in the spring in the country holding the presidency. The committees meet up to four times a year. 

UfM-PA members 

UfM-PA consists of 280 members. 83 members come from Parliaments in EU Member States, and 49 from the European Parliament. Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Monaco and Montenegro have two members each. 130 members come from the 10 Mediterranean countries involved in establishing the UfM-PA (Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Israel and the Palestinian Authority), and 10 members come from the Mauritanian parliament. 

Denmark in the UfM-PA 

Denmark joined the UfM-PA in 2006. The Danish Parliament’s UfM-PA delegation consists of three members and three substitutes. Members of Denmark’s UfM-PA delegation are elected at the beginning of each parliamentary year and after each general election.

Delegation Members

Contact the Secretary

Delegation Secretary Mette Vestergaard 
E-mail - tlf. +45 3337 5517
Delegation Assistent Susanne Henriksen 
E-mail tlf. +45 3337 3331