The Speaker

According to the Constitutional Act, the Danish Parliament must have a Speaker who is elected immediately after a newly-elected Parliament convenes for the first time.


The main responsibilities of the Speaker are to provide optimal conditions for parliamentary work, to ensure that parliamentary sessions are properly conducted and that Members of Parliament (MPs) have favourable working conditions.

Head of the Administration of the Danish Parliament

The Speaker is also head of the Administration of the Danish Parliament, which employs about 440 people. The Administration comprises a number of different departments whose task is to ensure that MPs can concentrate on their political work.

The Presidium comprises the Speaker and four Deputy Speakers

The Speaker performs her work with the help of four Deputy Speakers, who are elected together with the Speaker. The Speaker and the Deputy Speakers jointly constitute the supreme authority in the Parliament, called the Presidium. The members of the Presidium take turns to chair sessions in the Chamber.

The Speaker represents the Danish Parliament abroad

In addition to her day-to-day work in the Parliament, the Speaker also performs other tasks. For example, she and the other members of the Presidium are host to the Royal Family when the Parliament opens on the first Tuesday in October. The Presidium also receives presidents of foreign parliaments, heads of state, ambassadors and other prominent guests from abroad. Furthermore, the Presidium visits parliaments in other countries, primarily for the purpose of exchanging experience.

A film on the Speaker of the Danish Parliament. Ms. Pia Kjærsgaard talks about the post of Speaker and her duties. The film is in Danish with English subtitles.

Below is a chronological list of Speakers of the Danish Parliament from 1933 to date:

Pia Kjærsgaard 2015 -

Mogens Lykketoft (The Social Democratic Party) 2011 - 2015

Thor Pedersen (The Liberal Party) 2007 - 2011 
Christian Mejdahl (The Liberal Party) 2003 - 2007 
Ivar Hansen (The Liberal Party) 1998 - 2003 
Erling Olsen (The Social Democratic Party) 1994 - 1998 
Henning Rasmussen (The Social Democratic Party) 1993 - 1994 
H.P. Clausen (The Conservative Party) 1989 - 1993 
Erik Ninn-Hansen (The Conservative Party) 10 January 1989 - 3 October 1989 
Svend Jakobsen (The Social Democratic Party) 1981 - 1989 
K.B. Andersen (The Social Democratic Party) 1978 - 1981 
Karl Skytte (The Social Liberal Party) 1968 - 1978 
Julius Bomholt (The Social Democratic Party) 1964 - 1968 
Gustav Pedersen (The Social Democratic Party) 1950 - 1964 
Julius Bomholt (The Social Democratic Party) 1945 - 1950 
Hans Rasmussen (The Social Democratic Party) 1933 - 1945 


The Speaker of the Danish Parliament

Telephone: +45 3337 5107

Public Relations Officer

Finn Tørngren Sørensen

Telephone: +45 3337 3451